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Everything that can’t be automated is design.

20 okt 2001 // javascript / random / typography
At the ATypI conference in Copenhagen 2001 Erik van Blokland, Letterror, made the statement that design is not to make one or more possible solutions of a certain task. Design is rather choosing the right one among all these possibilities. And since the making of the examples can be automated, why not do so – that is, make a tool – an application that can handle the job.
Fontc[art]Generator is a tool – written in javascript – that lets you define several parameters for designing a Fontc[art]. And out of these parameters generate several random examples. Then it's up to you, the designer, to choose (if any) the right one.
Just remember, it's doesn't give smoooooth, semi transparent photoshop filtered esthetics. I works within the limitations of displaying type in HTML. And the choices I made for the application, of course. Try it for fun, and post your choice for the archieves.

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The six A images are generated randomly with Fontc[art]Generator.
Click on one of them to participate in the design poll – which colours should be used in the Fontc[art]Generator logo.

current colorset

The type is a building brick

Designed with Fontc[art] Generator. Illustration for the 2005 calendar from the printer, Eks-Skolens Trykkeri.
The type is a building brick, as apixel in an image, the is exposed if the color is wrong. The type needs to be chosen. Choose the right one.
Torben Wilhelmsen
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