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A songwriter’s search for the deep smile

2 SEP 2013 / Michael Vesterskovs bog er en personlig historie om at søge og genfinde glæden ved skabe, i Michaels tilfælde, musik. Om at frigøre sig fra bifald og anerkendelse som drivkraft og finde ind til kernen i den kreative proces.

Cover for It’s a happy new year

Michael Vesterskov released the single for the new year 2012. The song is recorded and produced together with the swedish Mathias Blomdahl. I had the pleasure of designing the cover and label.

Logo proposal for Vikasku

20 AUG 2011 / Vikasku is a school for children and youngsters who can not be included in public school. Vikasku is family treatment designed to create skills and personal development for the child.

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Catch me

7 JUN 2014 // design / cd-cover
‘Grib mig’ is the title in danish, for the time being, of a coming cd, for which Marianne Mortensen and Michael Vesterskov had gathered four musicians for two days live recordings. I had the pleasure of being among the audience – and to design the provisional cover that together with a sign up form should make the audience pre-order the cd.

Egg pattern

14 APR 2014 // design / project
Pattern with eggs for the tablecloth and the napkins for the easter celebration lunch. Enjoy.

Seven clicks towards Mobile First

10 OKT 2011 // design / web / automated layout / ipad / mobile web / mobilism / responsive layout / web apps
The net is flooded with apps – for smartphones and tablets. But web sites are still better viewed on a computer, right? So the marketing department is happy and web design is business as usual. Maybe because apps and web sites are considered as two different things, rather than two versions of the same. You may create coherence in web strategy by looking at app and website as the same project – in different versions, admittedly – with adapted features and design. And the task of doing this becomes easier if you design for the small mobile phones first.
I wrote the following is seven notes at the Mobilism konfererencen in Amsterdam in May. Notes that appropriately is made ​​public now that ticket sales for Mobilism 2012 is close to starting.

This is not a logo

2 DEC 2009 // random / music / design / logo / the blue trompet / animation
The logo is not an element, a graphical form, but the character in the way it is exposed in various contexts. Thus, the logo is not a categorism any more, but a organism, a being. I was pleased at ‘Total Typographic Saturday’ in the end of october, as Tore Rosbo and Clea Simonsen from the design bureau 1508 presented the identity for Århus University.
I had seen it before, the new identity, in real life, and thought: Hey, ther’s something there ... Bauhaus typography, a typographic grachic solution. It worked, but there was something else as well.
And that something revealed itself, there in the middle of saturday afternoon: A logo generator, yes!

Spis Bare [Just Eat] receives Bording Prisen 2009

15 JUN 2009 // design / magazine / spis bare
The danish magazine Spis Bare is a very inspirering food-professional og well-informed magazine med professional depth and delicious presentation. Friday June 12 the magazine Spis Bare was awarded Anders Bordings Mediepris 2009.
I have in collaboration with the editor, Mette Jensen, developed the magazine during the last two years. So far it is published in six issues.
Spis Bare is published by the Danish Diet & Nutrition Association.

ATypI Copenhagen logo

18 FEB 2003 // random / design / atypi / automated layout / logo / typography / animation
We had the napkin with the notes from the galla dinner at ATypI in Leipzig 2000, Henrik Birkvig and I on the flight back to Copenhagen, and we knew that we, together with Kim Pedersen, were about to organize ATypI in Copenhagen the year after.
And already then we sketched the cliches for identity of the conference: Red-white, old-new – the font by Engelhardt that is used for street signs in Gentofte and an animated logo.
The title of the conference: ‘Looking at the future in the rear-view mirror’ came later, but it was almost in the cards from the flight back home.

Dynamic logo generator

Web design, home pages for starters

1 SEP 2001 // design / web / book
To the puritan any design that make any demands, will be noise. But you may as well take the opposite stand, that the purely textbased information is reserved for the skillede readers. Torben Wilhelmsen, Thomas Green and Geert Sander
Published first time in 1997. The book was one the selected Books of the Year in 1998 in Denmark.
2. edition was published in 2001.

The user rules

1 MAJ 2000 // design / web
Usability and accessibilty on the web becomes synonymous with free choice and professionalizing of the user. Thus, she is more and less self responsible for being able to recieve the information of the websites. The computer is putting still greater demands to the user, but despite of that it is easier to use today than ever. There is a constant flow of new applications and new version with numerous possibilities, and you’ll easily feel like a freak, for instance if you use Word as a mere texttool. Usability is a must, but behind the nice interface the computer and the application is totally incomprehensible.
Torben Wilhelmsen
Details of various importance on graphics, web and communication

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