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Bites #14 Free Wil

3 JAN 2010 // music
This is an extended version of the logo sound composed for the wil.dk logo.

This is not a logo

2 DEC 2009 // random / music / design / logo / the blue trompet / animation
The logo is not an element, a graphical form, but the character in the way it is exposed in various contexts. Thus, the logo is not a categorism any more, but a organism, a being. I was pleased at ‘Total Typographic Saturday’ in the end of october, as Tore Rosbo and Clea Simonsen from the design bureau 1508 presented the identity for Århus University.
I had seen it before, the new identity, in real life, and thought: Hey, ther’s something there ... Bauhaus typography, a typographic grachic solution. It worked, but there was something else as well.
And that something revealed itself, there in the middle of saturday afternoon: A logo generator, yes!

Michael Vesterskov Band at Christianshavns Beboerhus

13 NOV 2009 // public space / music
The concert was as a birthday present to Michael Vesterskov from the band who played at the theatre piece Det Blå Hotel [The Blue Hotel]. And gifts are, just like services, not something you pay back. You hand them along. So Michael gave us the music, as the host offers gifts for the guest.
Thank you.
The band is:
Michael Vesterskov: Leadvokal, guitar,
Simon Toldam (Young Jazz Name of the Year, 2007): klaver, orgel.
Jacob Falgren: Bass,
Anders Banke: Klarinet, bass clarinet, barytonsax,
Qarin Wikström: Kor, omnicord, percussion,
Knut Finsrud: Drums,
Samuel Hällkvist (The Jazz Name of the Year, Sweden 2009): Guitars, banjo.
Torben Wilhelmsen
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