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15 MAR 2017 // public space / typography / illustration
»Do You by any chance remember: In which font did you scream?«

Apps for traffic information can be useful, but not all the way

8 OKT 2011 // navigation / public space / danish railways / apps
I know it sounds a bit paradoxical. Usually I call to recognize randomness as a condition of life. But when it comes to traffic and road out in the public domain, I freak info. The more data available, the better, it's just like that. And when it comes to public transport ... How long time before the next train, do I sprint, wander, or do I have just the time to slip into at the bookstore. Is the train I'm in late, okay then, but do I have time to knit another row, or to think a new thought.
I do not ask for the train (necessarily) on time, but on reliable intelligence so I can dispose of my available time. It may seem like a small thing, but that’s how details work of daily life.

Don’t buy a train ticket with this app

25 JUL 2011 // public space / danish railways / advertising / apps
Unfinished, ill-considered apps or apps that serve the market better than the use off it. If Apple has a sometimes paranoid restrictive approach to the formalities regarding an app you want to get into the App Store, they may have a comparable little interest in that the app works well. Fortunately, one could say, that should be the developer's task. But not everyone can not live up to this task, which also counts for DSB and the DSB Ticket app.

3D enlightening Copenhagen

20 JAN 2011 // public space / berlin / typography
After visiting Buchstabenmuseum in the fall 2010, I started to register this applied typography in big scale in Copenhagen. Big letters, neon, and stuff. As far as I remembered, this was different from how it was back in Copenhagen. Consequently I started to look around here, and of course there were many more than I expected. That's how it works when you start looking and pay attention to these subversive elements.
On the other hand, there were not many, that I really wanted to collect.
Here's a few, just as examples, which I would like to – not necessarily take home and install in my living room – but at least remember, and not the least enjoy when I pass them on my way through the city.

Big Letters Light

9 DEC 2010 // public space / berlin / advertising / typography
Buchstabenmuseum Berlin. Why are these letters so attractive? I don't get an answer at Buchstabenmuseum, but I most certainly get a wish to look after all these servants of the announcements, sofisticated as well as monumental. In may 2010, during the TypoBerlin conference, we put our noses against the window of Buchstabenmuseum at their location in Leipzigstraße near U-bahn Spittelmarkt. Inside there was a wonderland of 3D letters. Unfortunately open only 2 hours, one day a week.
Since then the museum has moved their showroom to a shoppingcenter at Alexanderplatz with apparently and obvious success. Apparently, because the immediate attraction to all these letters is followed by a lot of publicity on the internet – as well as pictures, which you can make sure of on Flickr for instance.

Vesterport st

27 MAR 2010 // public space / danish railways / advertising
Claim the real mayonnaise. Use Tungsram lightbulbs. Political incorrect ads are being revealed at Vesterport st. Vesterport st (copenhagen – and I know it may not be a station, see “Jyllingevej is no station”) is being cleaned up. And these old ads are reveiled.

Warning: this is a rotary candle holder

7 DEC 2009 // public space
Unpack, assemble and light. It’s so simple that I think I might have been able to it without the instruction. If it hadn't been for all the warnings. Every second package in the presents game was from the Tiger shop.
Things! It’s funny, and cheap. But most of it, I’m afraid, I would never have bought to myself. On the other side of the world people have been busy, the things are produced, carried to here. And after a brief toying, the thing is forgotten. Honestly. I know that they don’t know on the other side how we treat the things (can they guess?), but it really isn’t a meaningful work.

Jyllingevej is no station

1 DEC 2009 // public space / danish railways
Oh yeah, noo, it’s a road, right ... Jyllinge[road]? Well, but everybody familiar with the S-trains in Copenhagen, especially between Ballerup and Vanløse, knows that Jyllingevej is the last station before Vanløse. And now it is no station. Well then, Jyllingevej is the last station (if I may insist) before Vanløse, and thus of some interest.
Since this very morning a pour fellow has thrown himself out in front of a train. So:
“Herlev. Due to a collision on Vanløse has all train been stopped between Herlev and Vanlose. This train doesn't go any further. There will be busses instead.”

What if we take the money out of the equation

20 NOV 2009 // public space
I went to see Michael Moore's film Capitalism. I did not expect me to laugh all the way through, but neither did I expect it that depressing. Even though Mr Moore manipulates and search down the beings that fits his message exactly, they do exists the people who are chushes through the greed of the financial market.
And it strikes me: Usually it is in such as war that we count on casualities. Is this then what we experience, a (financial) war?
So let us cease fire – take the money out of the equation – while we still have anything else left.

Today I’ll trademark a burp

16 NOV 2009 // public space
I don't think that it’ll cause any problem. I mean: Who really wants a burp. Compared to Deutsche Telekom’s attempt to trademark the color magenta? No, I don't think so. It’ll pass nice and easy. So what's the purpose, what is my intention, with the burp.
But first of all I’ll show magnanimity. That’ll shine on the ethical account. For instance, I will not prosecute private burpheads. So we won't need any www.pirateburp.com website.
Also, I promise, as I one day get loaded, I give something back to the people, to the community. It might me a grand cultural burp in the center of the capital ...

Michael Vesterskov Band at Christianshavns Beboerhus

13 NOV 2009 // public space / music
The concert was as a birthday present to Michael Vesterskov from the band who played at the theatre piece Det Blå Hotel [The Blue Hotel]. And gifts are, just like services, not something you pay back. You hand them along. So Michael gave us the music, as the host offers gifts for the guest.
Thank you.
The band is:
Michael Vesterskov: Leadvokal, guitar,
Simon Toldam (Young Jazz Name of the Year, 2007): klaver, orgel.
Jacob Falgren: Bass,
Anders Banke: Klarinet, bass clarinet, barytonsax,
Qarin Wikström: Kor, omnicord, percussion,
Knut Finsrud: Drums,
Samuel Hällkvist (The Jazz Name of the Year, Sweden 2009): Guitars, banjo.
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