Line-up app for FC Frederiksberg

FC Frederiksberg’s web site has got this new line-up, tactic, strategy application, that will help the team manager to put together a team out of a constantly changing group of players.

27 sep 2013 // project / apps / web apps / fodbold
FC Frederiksberg is a small football club. It's members are amateurs, professional amateurs that is, and yet the group of players is shifting from one match to the other, since there – after all – are other ways to spend the free time than playing football(!). So even though we only can have seven players on the field at the time, it can often be a puzzle to make everyone fit into their favorite positions.
FC Frederiksberg beats B.Søborg 5-1. Photo: Henrik Højer

The Line-up app is a new developed web based application, that is connected with the web site and the database of the web site. The app gets data about matches, who is playing, and their normal roles on the field. The app gives a team line-up that is optimized from current group of players and serves thus as a good starting point for the game planning.

Bézier and quadratic curves.
The application is built in HTML5 and javascript.
This version runs on a Xierpa server which handles the data and the algorithms to position the players on the field.
It may run on other server setups as well. And the field can be for other sports.
Try-out version is available here
Torben Wilhelmsen
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