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Xierpa is a web developing environment, that among a lot features includes a setup for digital web magazine production and an online design application. Xierpa is now presented on the web site xierpa.dk
The web site is build in the digital web magazine module that is a part of Xierpa.

Xierpa engine

Xierpa offers a setup where the out­put, whether for print, com­puter or smart­phones, is gene­rated from the data storage ac­cord­ing to the rules of the cur­rent de­sign. Out­put spe­ci­fic changes of the con­tent are saved as ad­di­tions to the ori­gin­al data, so these don’t have to be re­cover­ed from the out­put files. The out­put is based on de­sign para­meters, that can be changed ma­nual­ly or auto­matic when the out­put condi­tions changes.
Torben Wilhelmsen
Details of various importance on graphics, web and communication

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