3D enlightening Copenhagen

After visiting Buchstabenmuseum in the fall 2010, I started to register this applied typography in big scale in Copenhagen. Big letters, neon, and stuff.

20 jan 2011 // public space / berlin /
As far as I remembered, this was different from how it was back in Copenhagen. Consequently I started to look around here, and of course there were many more than I expected. That's how it works when you start looking and pay attention to these subversive elements.
On the other hand, there were not many, that I really wanted to collect.
Here's a few, just as examples, which I would like to - not necessarily take home and install in my living room - but at least remember, and not the least enjoy when I pass them on my way through the city.

Frederiksberg Smørrebrød

24. juni 2012: I the spring 2012 the front was redesigned, and the blue and extraordinary letters (though the neon didn‘t work anymore) were removed in favor of flat, dark brown letters – in Futura Black Italic ... such a shame!

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Floor planing company on Niels Ebbensensvej

Are You tired of Your ugly floor? And it's not a question is the floor is ugly at all. The company closed (or moved) in 2010, but the apparently rhetorical question is still standing.

Teknisk Skole, Copenhagen

Teknisk Skole på Julius Thomsensgade

Bosch, Kødbyen, Copenhagen

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B.T. at Trianglen

Copenhagen Central st


Here you need a little more than a piece of silk paper to adjust the spacing.

Vesterport st

Palace Hotel

The neon is not lightned at dark. But the spotlights illuminates the letters in a dramatic way. Is this the place you would stay overnight?

3D letters in Copenhagen

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Big Letters Light

Buchstabenmuseum Berlin. Why are these letters so attractive? I don't get an answer at Buchstabenmuseum, but I most certainly get a wish to look after all these servants of the announcements, sofisticated as well as monumental.

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