Jyllingevej is no station

1. dec 2009 Oh yeah, noo, it’s a road, right ... Jyllinge[road]? Well, but everybody familiar with the S-trains in Copenhagen, especially between Ballerup and Vanløse, knows that Jyllingevej is the last station before Vanløse. And now it is no station.

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Well then, Jyllingevej is the last station (if I may insist) before Vanløse, and thus of some interest.
Since this very morning a pour fellow has thrown himself out in front of a train. So:
“Herlev. Due to a collision on Vanløse has all train been stopped between Herlev and Vanlose. This train doesn't go any further. There will be busses instead.”
Oh, well. A bus ride to Vanløse, wasn't exactly my best wish this morning. I'd rather wait to see if the trains start again before too long.
Or, if just we could have taken the train to Jyllingevej, I could easily have walked the rest. I had to ask about that – why not ride the train to Jyllingevej?
The first driver I see claims that he would like to answer, but continues his high speed walk, so I doubt that he is serious about that.
That is the next driver, he answers:
– That's because Jyllingevej is no station!
– Sorry? Jyllingevej station ... I mean: train, platform, train stops, people in and out from the train ... station !?
– Nope.
– Eh?
– Ah yes, you guys call it a station, but it’s not.
I would say, that the Danish Railways (DSB) themselves call it a station, maybe only now and then, but still. It might be that DSB for these occation just want to communicate in the language of their customers – even though it’s not completely clear, but still – still.
– There must be a switch, so the train can cross over to the other track and go back. Otherwise it’s no station, continues the driver.
Okay, that is an explanation. And bottom line is, indisputable, Jyllingevej is no station.

Jyllingevej station on Googlemaps

Nope, no switches.

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Vesterport st

Vesterport st

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Claim the real mayonnaise. Use Tungsram lightbulbs. Political incorrect ads are being revealed at Vesterport st.
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