Technical enthusiasm, please

1. sep 2000 Usability and accessibility on the net becomes more and more equal to unlimited choices and professionalizing of the user, who thus will be the responsible to be able to get the information from the websites.

1. sep 2000// web //
You may say I am puritan. On the other hand, when I shuffle the web, I may too say that I have the right to be puritan. Because when I shuffle the web, I meet a overwhelming overkilling technical gadgets. For instance, its no fun watching a managing director and a marketing director being morphed live, even without all the intermedie states (it could easily have been done with a simpel javascript rollover rather than with a plug-in demanding doodah).
It may be funny when a button moves away every time the cursor approaching. Its funny, because it can be done, but no more than say 5 to 10 seconds.
It is funny, and even beautiful, with flash intros and fancy transitions, but in the end it becomes monotonous, boring and waste of time.
This is far from the usability that Jakob Nielsen exposes, and that somebody interprets with that the lowest common denominator should be set extremely low. That is, that you must use any technical advanced solutions that may put any demands to the users equipment or ability to use it.
But technical experiment is exactly the basis for the evolution. If you really should be that precautious with all the technical enhancements that pop through on the web, we would probably not even have a world wide web today. We may see a period with breathtaking outrageousnesses, but it mostly lands on a reasonable and highly useful form – to be of benefit to the communication of the after all substantial content.
Accessibility is also to use the advanced techinal standards and possibilities on the web to make the content comprehensible and easy to use. This may also make webpages accessible to people with various handicaps, and this purpose can not sufficiently be fulfilled by the traditional techniques.
Theres nothing wrong with the techniqui behind all of the redundant peculiarities on the web. For instance, instead of the bold buttom that runs away from the cursor, one could use the same technique to keep the most important button near the cursor all the time.
Thus, just keep up getting enthusiastic about the technical possibilities. The web may as well be funny, entertaining and technical demanding – at the same time as the content is easy accessible and relevant.

More web sites for the danish authorities are using webfonts

5. DEC 2013 //
But far the most of them still don’t! Only 22 out of 122 web sites for the danish authorities. And the majority of those are prefering free fonts. On the other hand is the number more than doubled in a year, since November 2012 when the number was 9 out of 115.
The study is a snapshot that I took November 6, 2013 and covers the […]
It looks like a mail from the agriculture association, but it might as well be phishing

It looks like a mail from the agriculture association, but it might as well be phishing

If I buy something on, say,, the response mail should come from and all links within the mail should be to Anything else looks as a phishing attempt, and it might as well be.
iSticks and iSkins

iSticks and iSkins

13. DEC 2010 // ipad /mobilt web /offentligt rum
The danish boulevard newspaper, Ekstra Bladet, has decided to campaign for the freedom of speech – seen as the freedom of nudity. The danish MEP, Morten Messerschmidt is supporting by taking the discussion into the European Parliament.
Seven clicks towards Mobile First

Seven clicks towards Mobile First

The net is flooded with apps - for smartphones and tablets. But web sites are still better viewed on a computer, right? So the marketing department is happy and web design is business as usual. Maybe because apps and web sites are considered as two different things, rather than two versions of the same.
You may create coherence […]
Your website is (almost) an app

Your website is (almost) an app

14. DEC 2010 // reklame /ipad /web /mobilt web /mobilism /web apps
I must admit, it’s (still) cool to have my icon right there on the iPad screen. As an app, yes, but a website can also do the trick. And website based app may sometimes even be a better solution than a native app.

The user rules

1. MAJ 2000 // design /web
Usability and accessibilty on the web becomes synonymous with free choice and professionalizing of the user. Thus, she is more and less self responsible for being able to recieve the information of the websites.
The computer is putting still greater demands to the user, but despite of that it is easier to use today than ever. […]

Typesetting the net - font embedding

23. SEP 2000 // typografi /web
For a very low cost of 5-10 k fontembedding gives the possibility of getting typographic identity for a whole website – allthough with a litte trouble.
The frustration about missing typographic tools for web design might be well aknowledged. How do I make typography in a graphically sense for the web. Cascading stylesheets offers […]

Freedom through constraint

10. OKT 2001 // web
The postman is somewhat special. He brings all sorts of things. Postcards from Jamaica. Bills, too, unfortunately, but it’s not his fault, after all.
home.pages - preface - june 1997 The postman is somewhat special. He brings all sorts of things. Postcards from Jamaica. Bills, too, unfortunately, but it’s not his fault, […]
Web design, home pages for starters

Web design, home pages for starters

1. SEP 2001 // design /web
To the puritan any design that make any demands, will be noise. But you may as well take the opposite stand, that the purely textbased information is reserved for the skillede readers.
Torben Wilhelmsen, Thomas Green and Geert Sander Published first time in 1997. The book was one the selected Books of the Year in 1998 in Denmark. […]