We are all numbers

13. dec 2013 I try to ignore it. I’m turning into numbers. One by one. Meanwhile words become opinion, twisted to new, separated to pieces, in sudden beauty or occasionally despair. Temporarily. Numbers on the other hand are rocks. That get shaken when dressed up in words, in interpretation. Yet two is still two. Words loose the origin.

13. dec 2013// illustration //
I used to think that an answer always could be elaborated, even answers to the most simple questions. The more I got answered, the more I found needed to be explained.
Nowadays it’s the questions being complicated, veiled, with secret areas, and stuffed with mental mouse traps, to which I must relate binary, true or false, yes or no. Or rank from 1 to 5, 1 to 10.
Is this good or bad? What does like actually mean?
Much rather hard figures.

These are some of my figures, interpreted of course, already by selecting

Cartoons that make somebody angry (2)

Cartoons that make somebody angry (2)

2. JAN 2019 // illustration
It’s even small things that fires up the anger. Most Danish politicians, when they are the target of the satyre, have learned to make the best of it. The former Danish Minister for Imigration and Integration is like others hailing the cartoonists by in public saying that she has made her own Wall of Fame from the cartoons.


»Do You by any chance remember: In which font did you scream?«
Cartoons that make somebody angry

Cartoons that make somebody angry

14. JAN 2015 // illustration
The massacre on Charlie Hebdo is still all too present to talk about something as easy as to make somebody angry. Oh dear. But that’s a part of the theme of the documentary Cartoonists : Satire cartoons has to piss somebody off.
Yes to the saying-no-hat

Yes to the saying-no-hat

23. SEP 2014 // illustration
The Danish Psychology Professor Svend Brinkmann wants the saying-no-hat back, he says in the book Stå fast – et opgør med tidens udviklingstvang (Stand firm - a showdown with the development coercion). He recommends to focus a more on the negative in your life, find the saying-no-hat and suppress the emotions. We need input from […]

The photography is dead – long live the photographer

10. JUN 1998 // design /illustration
First the good news: The photography has lost its trustworthyness, because the digital technology has made it obvious to anybody that every photopgraphy can be manipulated.
And then the bad news: We are being told that actually the possibility of computer manipulation it self killed the reliability. And thus tend to maintain […]