13. apr 2001 The spoken information on the other hand is dynamic with an absolute demand of presence. If you're not there, you'll miss it, because the spoken word disappears instantly. The meaning of the spoken information may be stored in your memory, but the words are gone.

13. apr 2001// animation /typography //
TypoMov is a brief presentation of the main points of a lecture I did at the Hague ATypI-conference in november 1996. Maybe this is more understandable than the original lecture…
Information becomes static when written or printed. This is obviously advantageous because a huge amount of information can be stored extracerebrally, no matter if it's analogue or digital.
The spoken information on the other hand is dynamic with an absolute demand of presence. If you’re not there, you’ll miss it, because the spoken word disappears instantly. The meaning of the spoken information may be stored in your memory, but the words are gone.
Now, with digital media you can combine these types of information and get dynamic text.
once a director-movie: Light-sign
In ufLightSign you may experience how it feels to write a text that acts like the spoken word: When written the words disappear almost instantly.
once a director-movie: ufFeet mov
In ufFeetMovie the content seems to be some kind of dance. Actually it’s a coded text, and in this case it’s not the letters that move. Each letter is a foot position and showing them on a timeline instead of a baseline, you get a stroposcobic movement. (Feet is available as a font, too: ufFeet)
In the real world the text wouldn’t survive this kind of typography. We must hold the dynamics tight. But it can be used as an extra effect, an extra style. I’m used to judging a font upon whether it has small caps and old styles figures or not. Now the typedesigner must face a new challenge: mobility.

On a fence in Berlin somebody had sprayed the words bekleben verboten using a stencil, repeating it many times. All the letters were different depending on the structure of the wood and the amount and pressure of the paint. I took 20 photos and created the missing letters out of the form and structure of the few letters on the fence. As many as 12 versions of each letter were put together in filmloops. Thus I made a new style for Just van Rossum’s ffKarton, allthough I chose to let it be an independent font, named ufKartoon
In ufKartoonMov you can write with the font. 80 K
This is not a logo

This is not a logo

The logo is not an element, a graphical form, but the character in the way it is exposed in various contexts. Thus, the logo is not a categorism any more, but a organism, a being.
I was pleased at ‘Total Typographic Saturday’ in the end of october, as Tore Rosbo and Clea Simonsen from the design bureau 1508 presented the identity […]
ATypI Copenhagen dynamisk logo

ATypI Copenhagen logo

We had the napkin with the notes from the galla dinner at ATypI in Leipzig 2000, Henrik Birkvig and I on the flight back to Copenhagen, and we knew that we, together with Kim Pedersen, were about to organize ATypI in Copenhagen the year after. And already then we sketched the cliches for identity of the conference: Red-white, old-new […]


»Do You by any chance remember: In which font did you scream?«

More web sites for the danish authorities are using webfonts

5. DEC 2013 //
But far the most of them still don’t! Only 22 out of 122 web sites for the danish authorities. And the majority of those are prefering free fonts. On the other hand is the number more than doubled in a year, since November 2012 when the number was 9 out of 115.
The study is a snapshot that I took November 6, 2013 and covers the […]
3D enlightening Copenhagen

3D enlightening Copenhagen

20. JAN 2011 // berlin
After visiting Buchstabenmuseum in the fall 2010, I started to register this applied typography in big scale in Copenhagen. Big letters, neon, and stuff.
As far as I remembered, this was different from how it was back in Copenhagen. Consequently I started to look around here, and of course there were many more than I expected. […]
Fingerpainted fontdesign

Fingerpainted fontdesign

12. MAJ 2011 // typografi /ipad
Take a few hours with iFontMaker on the iPad and tap, tap, draw, drag, pinch through the alphabet. And you may end up with a truetype font that you can write with on any computer, whenever the font is installed.
Welt aus Schrift, type exhibition in Berlin

Welt aus Schrift, type exhibition in Berlin

12. NOV 2010 // design /typografi /berlin
Posters, books, jugend, bauhaus and de stijl ... via swiss to decon. The Welt Aus Schrift exhibition in Berlin is beauty in the literal sense of the letter. Do take a visit!
Big Letters Light

Big Letters Light

Buchstabenmuseum Berlin. Why are these letters so attractive? I don't get an answer at Buchstabenmuseum, but I most certainly get a wish to look after all these servants of the announcements, sofisticated as well as monumental.
Bridges and letters in Amsterdam

Bridges and letters in Amsterdam

Round the city of Amsterdam, crossing the grachten - many of the bridges have their names displayed with ‘De Amsterdamse Brugletters’.

Typesetting the net - font embedding

23. SEP 2000 // typografi /web
For a very low cost of 5-10 k fontembedding gives the possibility of getting typographic identity for a whole website – allthough with a litte trouble.
The frustration about missing typographic tools for web design might be well aknowledged. How do I make typography in a graphically sense for the web. Cascading stylesheets offers […]
Fontc[art] Generator

Fontc[art] Generator

20. OKT 2001 // javascript /random /typografi
Everything that can’t be automated is design.
At the ATypI conference in Copenhagen 2001 Erik van Blokland, Letterror, made the statement that design is not to make one or more possible solutions of a certain task. Design is rather choosing the right one among all these possibilities. And since the making of the examples […]