It looks like a mail from the agriculture association, but it might as well be phishing

21. dec 2011 If I buy something on, say,, the response mail should come from and all links within the mail should be to Anything else looks as a phishing attempt, and it might as well be.

21. dec 2011// web /do your best /transparency //
People who have been exposed to phishing or other scams on the Internet often wonder that the page they visited looked very professional and reliable. Because scammers and fraudsters are fully capable of creating a professional and credible appearance on their web pages. It is difficult to discern, difficult to understand, also because a lot of the ‘good’ pages do the same: they make use of alternative urls and external web services such as payment and surveys, where it is not clear that you are transfered to another web domain.
Similarly are companies, organizations and ... yes, almost everybody ... sending huge amounts of emails that are auto-generated on one of their servers or through one of the many mail service providers. It may be newsletters, receipts, instructions, etc., and all these mail have in common that they are confusingly similar to phishing mails. In the same way as emails apparently coming from Barclays or eBay actually may link to pages like

Half of the mail has non matching urls

A quick look at the news and service mails in the last two weeks shows that more than half of the mails are linking to web sites other sites than the sender. All of these may well be completely fine. And I have not experienced any irregularities. And some of them links are to widely used newsmail service providers.
The point is, however, there’s no chance that I’d be able to check if it is reliable, I am supposed to magically know. But how could I know, when senders never bother to told me, that I would get emails from other domains.
Here’s some examples:
Basically, there is no excuse, except that it is a little harder to make correspondence between the sender of newsletters and links within it. The good part of the story is that approximately half of the emails I get (the other half), seem to care about this issue.

More web sites for the danish authorities are using webfonts

5. DEC 2013 //
But far the most of them still don’t! Only 22 out of 122 web sites for the danish authorities. And the majority of those are prefering free fonts. On the other hand is the number more than doubled in a year, since November 2012 when the number was 9 out of 115.
The study is a snapshot that I took November 6, 2013 and covers the […]
iSticks and iSkins

iSticks and iSkins

13. DEC 2010 // ipad /mobilt web /offentligt rum
The danish boulevard newspaper, Ekstra Bladet, has decided to campaign for the freedom of speech – seen as the freedom of nudity. The danish MEP, Morten Messerschmidt is supporting by taking the discussion into the European Parliament.
Seven clicks towards Mobile First

Seven clicks towards Mobile First

The net is flooded with apps - for smartphones and tablets. But web sites are still better viewed on a computer, right? So the marketing department is happy and web design is business as usual. Maybe because apps and web sites are considered as two different things, rather than two versions of the same.
You may create coherence […]

Technical enthusiasm, please

1. SEP 2000 // web
Usability and accessibility on the net becomes more and more equal to unlimited choices and professionalizing of the user, who thus will be the responsible to be able to get the information from the websites.
You may say I am puritan. On the other hand, when I shuffle the web, I may too say that I have the right to be puritan. […]
Your website is (almost) an app

Your website is (almost) an app

14. DEC 2010 // reklame /ipad /web /mobilt web /mobilism /web apps
I must admit, it’s (still) cool to have my icon right there on the iPad screen. As an app, yes, but a website can also do the trick. And website based app may sometimes even be a better solution than a native app.

The user rules

1. MAJ 2000 // design /web
Usability and accessibilty on the web becomes synonymous with free choice and professionalizing of the user. Thus, she is more and less self responsible for being able to recieve the information of the websites.
The computer is putting still greater demands to the user, but despite of that it is easier to use today than ever. […]

Typesetting the net - font embedding

23. SEP 2000 // typografi /web
For a very low cost of 5-10 k fontembedding gives the possibility of getting typographic identity for a whole website – allthough with a litte trouble.
The frustration about missing typographic tools for web design might be well aknowledged. How do I make typography in a graphically sense for the web. Cascading stylesheets offers […]

Freedom through constraint

10. OKT 2001 // web
The postman is somewhat special. He brings all sorts of things. Postcards from Jamaica. Bills, too, unfortunately, but it’s not his fault, after all.
home.pages - preface - june 1997 The postman is somewhat special. He brings all sorts of things. Postcards from Jamaica. Bills, too, unfortunately, but it’s not his fault, […]
Web design, home pages for starters

Web design, home pages for starters

1. SEP 2001 // design /web
To the puritan any design that make any demands, will be noise. But you may as well take the opposite stand, that the purely textbased information is reserved for the skillede readers.
Torben Wilhelmsen, Thomas Green and Geert Sander Published first time in 1997. The book was one the selected Books of the Year in 1998 in Denmark. […]

I rather not participate in questionnaires

I do understand the need for knowledge about why we behave as as we do and what we think about this or that, maybe even how we got that opinion. It also happens that I contribute, sometimes just because it’s convenient for me or because of the actual subject – even though I not always fully know the intentions behind the survey. […]
Is the QR bubble losing air

Is the QR bubble losing air

In 2011 the use of QR code seemed to explode. It was a magic spell, a funnel to more visitors to the web site - Accio Visitors. Or was it just that cool that the lemmings started to move again.
Trolls may benefit from a dislike button. That’s all. Don’t. Push. The Like. Button.

Trolls may benefit from a dislike button. That’s all. Don’t. Push. The Like. Button.

14. DEC 2014 // gennemsigtighed /social media
How do I Like a post telling about a brute incident? That’s a question I ask myself now and then: do I ‘like’ the person who is posting, the action to bring the story to the public – or the brutality the story describes? I may be confused over the community consensus, simply because of the dilemma. Wouldn’t a dislike button […]